UX/UI design equals product design

'UX/UI Design = Product Design'

Written By Daniel Collins

So Where Do I See UX/UI/Product Design going?


I'd like to open this blog post by saying that I am no expert in the area of UX/UI/Product Design. I am only beginning my quest of knowledge within this area. I started to steer my career in this direction at the start of May 2019 after I went to see a career guidance counsellor. She believes my strengths lie in design & she highlighted areas within design that I should pursue as careers. By the way my career guidance counsellor's name is Denise Tormey. If you are unsure of what it is you want to do with your life in a working capacity then I would highly recommend having at least a once off consultancy with her. She is great, very insightful and will help you with directing you to a suitable career. I want to add that I am not paid by Denise to promote her so you can believe when I say that she is great at what she does. So moving on I want to talk to you about UX/UI & Product Design - The Future of UX/UI Design - The different segments with UX - Talk about different GUI's & VUI's - Look at AI & how it's impacting UX/UI/Product Design.

The Future of UX/UI Design

So now that I've given you an intro to this blog post, let's take a look at The Future of UX/UI Design.

Well I would like to open up by saying that you'll have to rename your baby. Maybe you've called your baby Kevin, however what it will say on your baby's birth cert is the name Daniel. This is the case with UX/UI Design. You see if we take a note of trend within the job descriptions of large multinational companies like Google, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, etc. we will see that the job title of UX/UI Design is shifting to Product Design. This has been frustrating for me during my recent job search. I have been trying to get a job/internship... mainly an internship because I believe I do not have the experience to go for a more senior level yet. Jonathan Courtney, AJ&Smart CEO and Co-Founder, talks about this change in job title trending from large multinationals. It's a pretty cool concept. You can view Johnathan's talk here @ - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pEibggX4Eek

What does this mean for people entering into UX/UI Design?

Have the skillset shifted? Yes and no. Basically the skillset of a UX/UI Designer has been split further. In Johnathan's YouTube video he highlights that Google splits the job of a UX/UI Designer into different parts. I believe that the best way to describe this is the following. UX/UI Design turns into UX Research - Product Design - UX Writing/Content Creation(Marketing) - Software Engineer/Developer. All these areas use different skillsets and have different types of mindsets. For example UX Researchers are more analytically minded compared to Product Designers who are more creative and visually minded. Although large multinationals are splitting the role of UX/UI Design into many areas a lot of start-ups and SME's are maintaining an individual or a small team to be multi-faceted. As a result an individual will have to wear many different hats in the areas described earlier in this paragraph.

Should people focus on one specific area or should they do everything?

I would say for people entering the industry it is good to have an overview of the different areas of UX. It's good to understand the process especially at the start, perhaps you could test out each area until you find your groove. What I believe is to be open minded at the start of your career and a few years in start to become more narrow minded and focus on a few areas or a single area you would like to specialise in. If you have any other thoughts I would like to hear from you. My email address is daniel@danielcollins.ie - You can message me here on thoughts you might have.

Break-it-down, The Areas of UX Design That Is...

Earlier we talked about the different areas of UX/UI Design like UX Research, Product Design, UX Writing/Content Creation (Marketing), & Software Engineer/Development. Well let's take a closer look at each area. UX Research/er - This person is highly analytical and is very interested in human behaviour especially with computers. They like to understand as much as they can about the user and their needs & solutions to the users' problems. Product Design/er - Works closely with UX Researcher to understand the problem users are experiencing and create design solutions to fix the users' problems. Product Designers create wireframes, prototypes, and user flows of digital products. I forgot to mention that UX Researchers use tools like journey mapping, personas & empathy mapping to discover more about the users. How about UX Writers? UX Writers are similar to content creators who are a type of marketer. UX Writers create content to be showcased to users on the display of a product such as a website/mobile app/watch/TV/VUI. Content creators are similar however they may well create visual content. I forgot to mention that motion graphic designers are also a part of this stage of the UX Design process. They create visuals as well for brands to be displayed to users of products. Software Engineers or Developers execute the product designers designs by turning them into working products. Software Engineers have to be strong in coding such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, React, etc.

Lets Take a Look at Graphic User Interfaces for Watches & TV and Voice User Interfaces

By no means am I an expert in GUI's or VUI's but I like to talk about them. VUI is relatively new with the introduction of Siri and Alexa. This is a game changer. Product designers nowadays must be open to work across multi platform interfaces, especially at senior levels. To be honest this is not an area I know much about but I feel it will become very popular in the future. You need to think differently when creating designs for GUI's associated with Watches & TV. Think about the differences between Netflix for TV Vs. PC/laptop. They're different. Why is this? Well the user is interacting differently with each platform. If you have any thoughts on this section please get in contact. I would love to discuss further and learn more about this. My email is daniel@danielcollins.ie

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This is only my first blog post. I want to release more content like this in the future.