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How To Create An Amazing Website

Written By Daniel Collins

My Writing Location

Can I just start off by saying that I am writing this blog post at a cool cafe called Little Bird in Portobello Dublin. Unfortunately they do not allow the use of laptops because I think they want people to interact with each other more instead of working. However, I’m writing this post on my phone so Daniel 1 Little Bird 0.


This blog post is all about the process of creating great websites for desktop and mobile devices. I will describe my best approach. Then I will write about useful tools to help you on your journey. So without further a due lets jump into how to create an amazing website.

The Blue Sky Process

Now let's look at how to create an amazing website without any obstructions such as budget and time. Firstly, you need to outline the goals of your website. Do you want the website to be business card-like, showcasing your company information? Or would you like the website to become an e-commerce platform to sell products/services online? Whatever it is, you need to outline it. So for this example I will take a look at a shoe shop website that wants to drive online conversion rates (online sales) as their main goal. After you have set your goal then you can start looking at user research. User research consists of creating personas/user profiles, empathy mapping, and customer journey mapping. Really its all about putting yourself in the shoes of the user. From your user research section you can start to build a design solution that answers the questions posed by your problem statement.

Like an artist we need to find inspiration from great example websites before we go anywhere near the easel. You can use a website called to draw from for inspiration. There are many great User Interface (UI) examples on Product Hunt to check out. You can also checkout what your competitors are doing to get an idea of the industry standard. Also, check out indirect competitors in other industries to get further inspiration for your design. I would look at what other shoe shops are doing online, for example what are doing. I would also check out indirect competitors such as to understand how they display product information. After I get my inspiration from the competitors and the examples of great UI I will then start to work on the prototype. I will start with a low-fidelity sketch mockup. I will do a 'Crazy 8'. A 'Crazy 8' is where a designer draws 8 screen pages in 4 minutes dividing 30 seconds for each screen design with pen and paper. From the 'Crazy 8' I will then refine each screen by carrying out more iterations. After I am happy with my screen designs I will then create high-fidelity mockup designs with Figma or InVision design software. After my high-fidelity mockup designs are complete I will then hand them over to a software engineer or a web developer to build the actual website.

That's pretty much my process to create an amazing website. Obviously I will carry out further design iterations if the client requires. Sometimes the process differs depending on the clients resources. If you have any questions or would like to talk more about my process please email me at

Useful Tools For Creating Amazing Websites

Some useful tools include:,,,,