Mary From Dungloe website homepage and events page by Daniel Collins


  • Project Lead
  • UX Research
  • Product Design
  • Front End Developer
Mary From Dungloe Overview


Mary From Dungloe is a cultural festival consisting of music, art, food & theatre. This is a redesign project of an already existing website. You may find my redesign website at the following link:

Daniel Collins's process behind creating Mary From Dungloe's website


Usually I start off with a design brief. In this however, I had to create my own design brief. After that, I carried out research on the users. I started with the key stakeholder, finding out everthing I could about The Mary From Dungloe Festival. Then I reviewed the original website. After that, I created user personas. Then, I looked into empathy mapping. After that I developed a user journey map through the website. Then, I started to investigate both direct and indirect competitors. From there I wrote out a site map for the new website. After that I created low-fidelity mockups with Balsamiq and then high-fidelity mockups with Figma. And lastly, I built a minimally viable product with HTML5, CSS & Git.